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While there are many resources devoted to science fair projects, we realized the importance of creating a site which dealt with such subject matter at a more seminal level, a site devoted to Science Fair Topics.

Science Fair Topics are where it all begins.  We hope to be able to guide you into the right direction, and sometimes a little off the beaten path.  While your success depends upon a wide range of factors besides your chosen topic, you stand a better chance receiving an award if you are presenting a project based on an original topic.

To help in the selection process, we have divided the site into four categories; first off are the Earth Sciences, followed by the Life Sciences and the Physical Sciences.  We plan to add more topics to the website at a later date, but in the meantime we have chosen to include a list of useful references and online resources to help you design, build and present your science fair project.

What we have chosen to present on this site is meant to inspire, a proper set of tools to begin your scientific exploration.  Within each section of the site, you will find definitions and descriptions of various branches of science, including excerpts from relevant websites and publications.

While researching your topics, you will realize that the distinctions between the various branches of science are often blurred by cross-pollination, and that some of the important scientists we are featuring on this site often worked within a wide variety of scientific fields, Mathematicians and Physicists were sometimes Physicians  and Astronomers, while the fields themselves often merge, as is the case with Biochemistry and Geophysics.

Some of the topics covered on this site are; Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Vulcanology, Egyptology, Ethno Botany, Genetics, Zoology, Acoustics, Astronomy, and Chemistry.

Happy research, and good luck!



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